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Who We Are


TSERA Special Police is a special police and protective services agency. We engage in the administration, delivery, and performance of both cooperative and contracted professional services; which deliver total law enforcement, public safety, crime prevention, court and judicial-based, investigative, and protective security-based services, programs, and solutions.

This includes, but is not limited to: access control, protection of life and property, law enforcement, crime and terror prevention, crime mitigation, explosives and sensitive substances detection, disaster and emergency management, criminal investigations, civil investigations, special investigations, traffic control, aviation patrol, land and maritime patrol, alarm and camera monitoring, intrusion and alarm response, secure transportation, search and rescue, and special response teams.


Achieving Results: Protecting What Matters Most
As a respected regional provider of special police and protective services, we deliver business-critical and mission-critical police services, crime prevention services, protective security services, court and judicial services, and related law enforcement and emergency services; for and on behalf of public, private, and local government entities through cooperative and service contract agreements.

We proactively safeguard our clients, partners, and communities across the greater Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. We deliver superior, high-performance alternatives which surpass traditional security guard companies, detective agencies, constables’ offices, and similar organizations.

With a results-oriented approach—we serve, protect, and preserve life, safeguard and defend against criminal and terroristic acts, maintain peace and order, and enforce law and regulation; doing so faithfully, with respect and accountability.
In pursuit of our goals and vision, TSERA Special Police is committed to rising as the foremost and most trusted public safety partner within the region; delivering turn-key and worry-free solutions to address our partners’ and clients’ most complex challenges – whenever and wherever we are needed.

Chartered in two thousand twenty–three and guided by an unwavering dedication to refined and innovative results-based strategies, we lead by action and results, embracing challenges others shy away from. Our mission revolves around the protection of life, limb, and property through effective, powerful, and responsible measures. We take pride in maintaining fiscal responsibility while serving as a trusted resource for business, critical infrastructure, government, and nonprofits in our community.

Our key differentiators set us apart: a fearless approach to challenges, innovative strategies, and a commitment to meaningful outcomes. We do what others won’t, forging a path of security and prosperity that establishes a higher standard of professional service.

Our leadership and command staff exemplify excellence, embodying integrity, innovation, and accountability; guiding our partners, our clients, and our communities towards a future where visionary leadership and impactful actions redefine safer environments and public safety standards.

The mission of TSERA Special Police extends to the delivery and performance of efficient and effective policing, security, and protective services. By ensuring the safety and security of individuals, properties, and buildings, and infrastructure, we foster a secure and prosperous environment while enforcing relevant laws, codes, and regulations; and address the widest range of emergency and critical incidents which may occur.

Our robust network of professional relationships with local, state, federal, faith-based, nonprofit, and community organizations positions us to share and receive critical information; effectively preventing and deterring crime within our jurisdiction and beyond. Our unmatched network of confidential informants and intelligence sources ensures that we obtain information and intelligence that would otherwise be missed; enabling us to better safeguard against emerging and future threats, advance ongoing investigations, and provide an overall higher quality of service. This multi-level approach enables us to respond promptly and efficiently to current and emerging threats and incidents.

Our success is based on the success of our clients, partners, and communities – serving as a testament to the utilization of highly vetted, educated, skilled, and trained professionals; complemented by the positive support from the community, strategic partnerships, and evidence-based best practices. Through these combined efforts, TSERA Special Police consistently achieves and upholds its objective of achieving real-world results in every aspect of our mission.

Mission Statement

Results Through Strategy and Innovation

“TSERA Special Police is committed to the protection of life, limb, and property through refined and innovative strategies which are effective, powerful, and responsible. We strive to maintain fiscal responsibility while serving as a trusted resource for business, critical infrastructure, local government, and nonprofits in our community. Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of those we serve and represent, fostering secure and prosperous environments through our consistent and effective performance of professional services.”


Vision Statement

Empowering Secure Futures

“TSERA Special Police envisions communities where responsibility is the foundation of safety. As a premier public safety partner, we are committed to setting the standard through unwavering dedication, innovation, and transformative impact. By fearlessly embracing challenges others shy away from, we deliver quantifiable and meaningful results that protect life, preserve property, and ensure prosperity. Through responsible leadership and results-driven actions, we lead by example, shaping a legacy of trust and excellence.”


What Sets Us Apart

TSERA Special Police stands out as a trusted leader in public safety, threat mitigation, and crime prevention strategy; marked by our fearless approach to challenges, innovative strategies, and steadfast dedication to impactful results. We pioneer new pathways in safety, security, and prosperity, and maintain a higher standard in protection and service – boldly doing what others won’t.


Our exceptional leadership brings decades of expertise encompassing law enforcement, military backgrounds, and specialized fields.


We function as a self-sustaining Agency, supported internally, and specialize in delivering seamlessly integrated solutions.


We achieve tangible outcomes while upholding contractual obligations, ensuring financial prudence, and exercising exemplary stewardship.


We possess lawful authorization for operations, maintain extensive financial accountability, and take pride in our flawless track record of no losses.


Field staff are POST/State/Federal Certified officers and agents, undertake ongoing career development, advanced de-escalation training, and more.


We utilize the latest in technology for: communications, data, tracking, accountability, CAD/RMS, and information and data access, and more.

Field staff are trained, equipped, and proficient in handling a variety of hazards; ranging from active shooters, CBRN Agents, explosives, and more.

Field staff are trained and equipped to handle emergency situations involving lockdowns, evacuations, fire, rescue, medical, disaster, and more.


Through meticulous staff selection, leveraging top-tier equipment and technology, and consistently surpassing expectations, we stand unwavering in our commitment to never compromise.


Rejecting a generic approach, we implement tailored, outcome-focused strategies that align precisely with your unique needs, demographics, mission, public image and reputation.



Led by an experienced team composed of law enforcement, military service veterans, former federal agents, and other specialized professionals; TSERA Special Police is naturally positioned as an industry leader.
Our leadership and command staff embody the principles of integrity, innovation, and accountability. With a steadfast commitment to safety and well-being, we steer towards a future where impactful actions redefine public safety standards.
TSERA Special Police - Executive Leadership
TSERA Special Police - Community Policing, Public Safety, Crime Prevention, Crime Interdiction, and Protective Security Services


Our Operations

TSERA Special Police is a special law enforcement and protective services agency – providing special police, investigative, protective security, and related services within the jurisdictions we are authorized. Our field-assigned personnel are credentialed professionals, and granted authority as permitted by law.

Our goal is to provide effective policing, security, and protective services; cultivating safer and more resilient environments. This includes enforcement of relevant laws, codes, and regulations within our respective jurisdictions, and areas of operation.


Distinctly Calculated

TSERA Special Police serves as a leading source for comprehensive policing, security-based, life-safety, investigative, and national security solutions. Our commitment lies in unwavering service and accountability, actively mitigating risks associated with loss, injury, and catastrophic outcomes.

This commitment sets us apart from traditional security guard services and law enforcement service providers that often falter, resulting in the amplified potential of risks and losses. As a result, our solutions are a reliable and attractive option for our partners, clients, and communities.

Police, Patrol, and Protective Services by TSERA Special Police


Our Capabilities

TSERA Special Police provides a full range of stand-alone and integrated solutions and services, to include uniformed police and protective security services, executive and diplomatic protection, civil and criminal investigative services, disaster and emergency management response and consulting services, crime prevention programs, critical infrastructure protection services, and a suite of related training solutions to our Corporate, Government, and Nonprofit partners and clients.
Our team is composed of professional and accomplished law enforcement, military, corrections, and specialized protective security professionals – owning years of proven operational, tactical, and technical expertise across multiple disciplines. Our leading-edge capabilities support the success of our partners and clients, and often exceed even the most complex requirements.

Core Competencies

TSERA Special Police specializes in the delivery of services and solutions which keep our partners, clients, and communities safe. Below is a selection of our distinguished deliverables.


Core Data

Commodity Codes:

922120  –  Police Protection
922190  –  Other Public Order/Safety Functions
561612  –  Protection, Patrol, and Security Functions
561611  –  Investigative Functions
624230  –  Emergency and Other Relief Services
561210  –  Facilities Support
541690  –  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting
541990  –  Other Professional and Technical Services

246-54        –    Protective Services (legacy)
561612       –    Protective Services
541990       –    Disaster and Emergency Services
541990L     –    Law Enforcement Services
561621H    –    Harbor and Marine Protective Services
611430ST   –   Training Services

S202   –   Fire Protection
S206   –   Protective Services
S211   –   Surveillance, Investigations
R410   –   Crime Prevention, Threat/Risk Mitigation
R423   –   Intelligence Services
R425   –   Engineering/Technical (Law Enforcement Services)
R429   –   Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management
R430   –   Security Services
R615   –   Background Investigations
R799   –   Support Services
U014   –   Law Enforcement, Threat Mitigation, and Security Training

9221   –   Police Protection
9229   –   Public Order and Safety
7831   –   Investigations, Security, Protection
8744   –   Facilities Management
8299   –   Other Educational Services
8999   –   Other Professional Services

33-2021   –   Fire Inspectors and Investigators
33-3010   –   Bailiffs, Correctional Officers, and Jailers
33-3020   –   Detectives and Criminal Investigators
33-3050   –   Police Officers
33-9032   –   Security Guards
33-9092   –   Recreational Protective Services
33-9093   –   Transportation Security
33-9099   –   Protective Services, Other
43-5030   –   Dispatchers, Public Safety

92100000  –  Public Order and Safety
92101500  –  Police Services
92101501  –  Policing Services
92101504  –  Crime Deterrence Programs
92101505  –  Graffiti and Vandalism Deterrence
92101901  –  Search and Rescue Teams
92111901  –  National Security
92120000  –  Security and Personal Safety
92121500  –  Guard Services
92121502  –  Burglary Protection Services
92121504  –  Security Guard Services
92121600  –  Detective Services
92121703  –  Store or Business Anti-Theft Services