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What We Do

TSERA Special Police is a police and protective services corporation which engages in contracted services that deliver total public safety and security-based services, programs, and solutions for and on behalf of a wide range of vertical market partners and clients.
These services encompass access control, protection of life and property, law enforcement, crime and terror prevention, special and criminal investigations, traffic control, explosives and sensitive substances detection, disaster and emergency management, aviation support, land and maritime patrol, alarm equipment and camera monitoring, search and rescue, firefighting, emergency medical care, special response teams, and more.
Guided by an unwavering dedication to refined and innovative strategies, we lead by action and results, embracing challenges others shy away from. Our mission revolves around the protection of life, limb, and property through effective, powerful, and responsible measures. We take pride in maintaining fiscal responsibility while serving as a trusted resource for business, critical infrastructure, government, and nonprofits throughout our communities.
Parks, Recreation, Forest, and Conservation police and security services by TSERA Special Police

Every Action Matters

TSERA Special Police is driven by the desire to create and maintain safe and secure communities and infrastructure through effective crime prevention and high-impact interdiction techniques.
We deliver solutions that result in environments and communities which are safer and more prosperous, and help to address underlying issues and systemic problems facing our communities, our partners, and our clients. We challenge you to join our team of change-makers, where every action matters.
Being a part of the team means that you will have a key role in combining evidence-based best practices and refined public safety solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our partners, clients, and communities. Our operations, tactics, methods, and blueprints are a stark departure from the status quo, and is highlighted by new ideas, modern practices, and emerging technologies.
We welcome experienced officers, combat veterans, and civilian professionals who are passionate about criminal justice, community policing, crime prevention programs, and pursuing impactful and meaningful changes.
We look for professionals who are excited about the idea of becoming part of an innovative leader in protective and policing services—designed to take the best practices in policing and protective services to meet the unique and evolving needs of our partners, clients, and communities.

Is TSERA Special Police for You?

We look for qualified candidates who align with our mission, vision, and values. It is vital that our team shares interest in a blended and modern approach to policing and protection, be self motivated, and maintain the highest levels of integrity and drive. We prefer those who are open to new ideas, willing to contribute their ideas and share feedback, and enjoy diverse and challenging environments.

Experienced Professionals

If you are currently a certified police officer or credentialed professional whose skills, experience, and background will fit with a fast-paced and modern agency, we invite you to explore the current vacancies and opportunities with TSERA Special Police.

Military Veterans

If you are interested in transitioning into a position that values and depends on your specific skills developed through military service; and, have a desire to serve and protect those in your local community, we invite you to explore our veteran-preference vacancies.

Support Positions

If you possess the skills and drive to help support a results-oriented and values-driven organization, and enjoy working in a dynamic and innovative environment, please browse our vacancies for open support positions.

Pay Scale
We are proud to spotlight our Average Compensation Ranges (ACR).

New-Hire ACR: $62,500 – 78,500.

Seniority ACR: $96,000 – 227,000.

PT/PRN (Hourly) ACR: $41.50 – 76.25.
Job Specific Requirements and Qualifications (JSRQ) are posted for each vacancy.

It is incumbent upon the applicant to review this information in full, prior to applying.

Unless otherwise stated, we are unable to permit any exceptions for posted JSRQs.
Contacting Us
If you have already been assigned a recruiter, you should contact only that individual with any questions or concerns.

If you do not have a recruiter assigned to you, one will be assigned and will contact you following your interest in, or application to, any posted vacancy.


Showcase Your Talent
Lead The Change

Looking for a rewarding challenge that benefits your community?

We are always interested in hearing from skilled professionals!

Sworn Police Officer, Vari. (SPO)

Police Officers are duly sworn law enforcement officers responsible for police services.

  • District of Columbia: Special
  • State of Maryland: Full/Special
  • State of Virginia: Full/SCOP

Physical Security Specialist (PSS)

Physical Security Specialists are credentialed professionals having specialized training/experience.

  • Industrial Safety & Security
  • Corporate Threat Mitigation
  • Close/Executive Protection

Parks & Conservation Agent (PCA)

Parks & Conservation Agents are credentialed professionals responsible for special services.

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Conservation Areas
  • Wildlife Management Areas

Community Policing Specialist (CPS)

Community Policing Specialists are responsible for community safety, security, and policing services.

  • Home Owners Associations
  • Planned Private Communities
  • Apartments & Condominiums 

Immigration Operations (IRO)

Immigration Resettlement Operations Agents are responsible for direct support functions.

  • Temporary Housing Security
  • Detention and Transport
  • Crime Prevention Programs

Special Investigation Services (SIS)

Special Investigators are tasked with conducting specialized and/or type-specific investigations.

  • Crime, Death, and Wrongdoing
  • Endangered/Missing Persons
  • Background and Suitability

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Critical Infrastructure Protection Officers are responsible for national security and defense. 

  • Energy/Utilities Protection
  • Water/Wastewater Protection
  • Network Protection/Defense

Community Corrections (CCO)

Community Corrections Officers are professionals responsible for offender management.

  • Local Assistance/Support
  • Home Confinement
  • Alternate Sentencing