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Ready 360°


Readiness Refined

TSERA Special Police is proud to maintain our comprehensive Ready 360° Framework, an All Hazards and All Threats blueprint which allows for the immediate performance of next-level solutions during critical and life endangering situations. This framework is made possible by ongoing analysis and intelligence gathering, advanced training and equipment, and meticulous attention to detail; resulting in unmatched capabilities which can predict, identify, mitigate, stabilize, and recover from an impressive range of risks, hazards, threats, and emergencies.

TSERA Special Police - Ready 360 | All Hazards Protection

With Ready 360°, our clients, partners, communities, and the public are afforded a much greater level of safety, security, and wellbeing; and enjoy advanced services and capabilities which are virtually unmatched by other service providers. Each day, TSERA Special Police personnel integrate our Ready 360° framework, leveraging their training, skills and experience to deliver exceptional real-world solutions that prevent and mitigate loss of life, limb, and property.


Answering the Call
In our ever-changing world, it has become critical for both public and private sector markets to reconsider their safety and security posture. As we have collectively witnessed countless tragic and monumental events over the last decade, it has become an unfortunate reality for many who have experienced what happens when you dial 911 and no one answers or help does not come. We have seen first-hand what happens when elected officials and bureaucrats fail to provide and ensure public safety; and the protection of residences, businesses, and assets in our communities.
It has become an alarming trend, and increasing at a rapid rate. Response times to answer and respond to 911 calls for help by municipal agencies have increased so dramatically, that emergency calls (e.g. assault, alarm, burglary, carjacking, robbery, medical emergency, etc.) are sitting – sometimes for hours on end, before anyone ever responds. That is of course, assuming your call is answered. In Philadelphia, PA, residents and news outlets reported that from 2020—2021, tens of thousands of 911 calls were never answered by the 911 operator. News outlets interviewed dozens of residents and business owners, all of who experienced some form of loss from this break-down of municipal responsibility. Even if a 911 call is answered and entered in the system, municipal agencies across the country are overwhelmed, understaffed, and underfunded; to an extent that has never been seen in the United States.
In contrast to the increasing majority of municipal services who are failing, and, who frequently hide behind qualified immunity and other legal protections; TSERA Special Police has an absolute legal obligation to protect life, limb and property. We are truly honored to fulfill such a meaningful role, and bridge the ever increasing gap left by municipal services throughout the region. In order to provide the most comprehensive range of solutions to protect life, limb, and property against hazards and threats; TSERA Special Police developed and maintains our comprehensive Ready 360° Framework. This holistic, scalable, and adaptable blueprint provides a suite of standardized and comprehensive capabilities which are virtually unmatched.

We developed this framework in order to ensure the best and most favorable outcome to the widest range of hazards and threats that our clients, partners, and stakeholders may face. Ready 360° is organically incorporated into our daily operations, and stands as the standard level of TSERA Special Police capabilities available to each of our clients and partners across all vertical markets. Ready 360° is responsible for our successful operations and ensuring neither we nor any client or partner has ever faced a single major loss or incident; and without any loss of life on our watch. Regardless of the situation, and no matter the risk, we vow to always answer the call.