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Public Safety, Special Police, Professional Law Enforcement, Protective Security, Investigative, and Judicial Services

TSERA Special Police is a premium supplier of contracted mission-critical public safety services, police services, advanced protective security and armed guard services, court and judicial services, investigative services, and related professional services for and on behalf of public and private sector markets.

TSERA Special Police delivers top-rated professional services to distinguished partners and clients representing a broad range of vertical markets throughout our Mid-Atlantic service areas. Additionally, we can provide technical assistance, disaster response, subject matter experts, and specialty consulting to corporate, nonprofit, and state/municipal organizations anywhere within the United States.


TSERA Special Police maintains numerous bureaus and divisions in order to enhance the quality, scope, and capabilities of our services and solutions.
Contracted Government Security, Defense, Police, and Law Enforcement Services by TSERA Special Police
Professional Law Enforcement Services
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Diplomatic Security, Executive Protection, and Personal Security Services by TSERA Special Police
Diplomatic Security & Executive Protection
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Security-Police Special Response Team & Overwatch Team | Tsera Special Police Department
Critical Intervention
and Overwatch
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Disaster and Emergency Police and Security Services by TSERA Special Police
Crisis, Disaster & Emergency Services
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Community Oriented Policing Services and Training by TSERA Special Police
Community Oriented Policing
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Hire Police Detectives & Private Investigators | Civil Investigations - Criminal Investigations | Special Investigations - Public Investigations - Private Investigations
Criminal, Civil, Special Investigative Services
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Community Corrections and Offender Management Services by TSERA Special Police
Corrections and Offender Management
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TSERA Special Police is proud to partner with a wide range of vertical markets, serving and protecting both public and private market sectors.

Critical Infrastructure Protection, Defense, and Security
Designated Critical Infrastructure
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Security, Patrol, Public Safety, and Police Services for Public and Private Residential Communities, HOAs, Apartments, Townhouses, Property Management Companies, and Rental Agencies by TSERA Special Police.
Housing Communities & Neighborhood Assn.
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Police, Patrol, and Protective Security Services for Mass Transit, Port Authority, Rail and Public Transit, Bridges and Tunnels, Airports, and other Transportation Infrastructure by TSERA Special Police.
Bridges, Tunnels, Ports, Rail, and Transit
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Police Protection, Defense, and Protective Security Guard Services for Industrial Facilities and Organizations, Chemical Facilities, Explosives Manufacturing and Transportation, and Radiological Facilities and Storage by TSERA Special Police.
Chemical, Explosive, Industrial, Radiological
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Parks, Recreation, Forest, and Conservation police and security services by TSERA Special Police
Parks, Recreation, Forests, Conservation
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Police and Security Services for Museum, Library, and Archives by TSERA Special Police
Libraries, Museums, and Archives
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Agriculture Security and Police Services | Food, Livestock, Ag, Farm, and Timber Protection and Investigations by TSERA Special Police.
Agricultural, Timber, Livestock, Farmlands
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Police Protection, Security, Defense, and Protective Services for Medical, Biological, and Healthcare Organizations by TSERA Special Police.
Medical, Healthcare, and Biological
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Police Protection and Protective Security Guard Services for Faith-Based Organizations, Churches, Mosques, Places of Worship, and Religious Gatherings by TSERA Special Police.
Faith-Based Organizations
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Nonprofit and Community Alliance Security and Protection Services | Police, Security, Crime and Harm Prevention Solutions for Community Alliances and Nonprofits by TSERA Special Police.
Community Alliances and Nonprofits
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Local Business Security and Protection | Police, Security, Alarm Response, and Patrol Solutions for Local and Small Business by TSERA Special Police.
Local Organizations
and Local Businesses
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Corporate Security Services, Corporate Intelligence Solutions, and Hostile Employee Termination Services by TSERA Special Police.
Corporate Entities
and Enterprise
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TSERA Special Police Officer providing security and protection for commercial retail store property, staff, and customers.
Retail Associations & Merchant Associations
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Commercial Property Security and Protection | Police and Security Solutions for Property Management Companies by TSERA Special Police.
Commercial Properties, Property Management
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Protective Security Guard Services for Logistics, Warehousing, and Product Transit by TSERA Special Police
Logistics, Warehousing, and Product Transit
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TSERA Special Police invests in a wide range of technologies and specialized equipment, allowing for greatly enhanced capabilities and vastly improved services.

Mobile Security Surveillance and Security Area Monitoring
Mobile Surveillance & Area Monitoring
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Security, Police and Public Safety Drones and UAVs
UAV and Air-Based Patrol & Support
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TSERA Special Police robotic autonomous security patrol drone for crime prevention, police service, anti-terrorism, and defense.
Autonomous Robotic Patrol & Support
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Security and Police CBRNE Detection Capabilities | Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive
CBRNE Screening and Detection
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Advanced Security and Police Dispatching, CAD, RMS, Mapping, and Incident Management
Advanced Dispatching, Tracking, CAD, and RMS
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TSERA Special Police | Automated License Plate Recognition System - ALPR
AI License Plate and Vehicle Logging
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TSERA Special Police | Security and Police Dispatch - Real Time Information Center (aRTIC) & Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)
24/7 Real Time Information Center
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Security, police, and government use of high resolution real-time satellite imaging, monitoring, and surveillance
On-Demand, Real Time Satellite Imaging
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Security Screening and Scanning using X-Ray and Metal Detector (Magnetometer) to prevent acts of crime and terrorism.
X-ray & Magnetometer Inspection Screening
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FLIR and Thermal Infrared Cameras for Security, Police, and Public Safety
Infrared Vision and Thermal Imaging
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Security, Threats, and Vulnerabilities: Digital AI-Based Intelligence Gathering and Sourcing in the modern digital world.
Cyber & Digital Intelligence Gathering
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AI - Artificial Technology for Security, Police, and Law Enforcement
Integrated Facial & Biometric-Based Data
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