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Meet Our Team

Talented · Dedicated · Professional

We warmly welcome you, and humbly introduce you to the TSERA Special Police leadership; where dedication, experience, and innovation converge to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients, partners, and communities.

Our leadership team is honored and humbled to lead a team of seasoned and talented security and law enforcement professionals, all sharing the commitment to our vision and mission. Together, we form a collective force dedicated to not only upholding the highest standards of professional public safety services; but also delivering results-based solutions which transcend traditional safety, security, and police service boundaries. 

We now introduce you to the exceptional professionals responsible for steering our agency, partners, clients, and communities towards excellence. Their years of diverse experience, specialized training, and passion for helping others is the foundation of their commitment to ensuring your safety, security, and prosperity.

TSERA Special Police Command Staff - Edward Blake, Chief of the Agency and Community Policing Specialist

E. R. Blake

Executive Chief

TSERA Special Police Command Staff - Brent Beckwith, Deputy Chief and Death and Homicide Specialist

B. E. Beckwith

Deputy Chief

TSERA Special Police Command Staff - Edith Tinger, Operations Chief and Community Relations Specialist

E. M. Tinger

Secretary General

With a rich tapestry spanning over two decades of serving the public, Secretary General Tinger brings forth a diverse expertise encompassing senior management of both internal and external affairs, comprehensive project administration, and leading the successful implementation of numerous research-based initiatives. Her journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to enhancing both internal and external coordination, and fostering robust community relations that serve as a pillar of accessibility and accountability.

“Over the years, I’ve navigated intricate landscapes, adeptly managing varied challenges while spearheading initiatives that bridge gaps spanning both public and private interests. Advancing the implementation of unique and innovative services and programs, I’ve earned a reputation for developing and refining strategies that not only serve to advance strategy and results; but also resonate throughout the community, resulting in a tangible enhancements of service and trust. I look forward to optimizing operational efficiency, fortifying collaboration, and furthering our commitment to results-driven programs and strategies.”
TSERA Special Police Command Staff - Christina Blake, Chief of Internal Affairs and Risk Mitigation Specialist

C. M. Blake

Financial Affairs Chief

As the Chief of Financial Affairs, Blake brings forth a robust foundation built upon a undergraduate degree and successful graduation from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, coupled with years of experience spanning local and federal government spheres. Her journey encompasses a diverse spectrum of roles including national security, crisis and emergency management, budget and finance, and program administration; characterized by a steadfast commitment to maintain accountability and integrity.

“My background is highlighted by my relentless pursuit of excellence, meticulous coordination of law enforcement initiatives, and inter-agency collaborations which enhance capabilities and response, and maintain fiscal responsibilities. In the past, I’ve been entrusted in roles such as refining public safety strategies, ensuring stringent compliance, and fostering continuous improvement. I further bring a nuanced understanding of financial management, and fiduciary responsibility. My vision centers on ensuring integrity, compliance, financial stewardship, and promoting a culture of accountability and transparency.”
TSERA Special Police Command Staff - Edith Tinger, Operations Chief and Community Relations Specialist

K. L. Burgess

Chairwoman, Board of Directors

Bringing over four decades of unwavering commitment to serving others, Burgess is committed to serving as the Chair of the TSERA Special Police Board of Directors. Her journey, enriched by a degree in business administration and a wealth of experience in senior management, spans the intricate realms of senior administration, accountability, and threat mitigation. Having fostered a deep and meaningful connection with the community, she champions governance which champion favorable results and long-term success.
“My career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, steering programs that not only fortify security measures but also resonate with the community, resulting in a tangible enhancement of safety and trust. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of safety and security, my vision for the Board is centered on advancing programs that transcend boundaries, and ensure we take innovative approaches for both corporate and public benefit. Together, we stand committed to shaping a safer, more resilient community through collaboration, strategic leadership, and a steadfast dedication to our shared mission.”
TSERA Special Police Legal Staff - Attorney Sarah Yerger, Chief General Counsel

S. C. Yerger

Chief General Counsel

Having began her career as a Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General, Sarah Yerger has refined her impressive skills and abilities while practicing law for thirty years. Building complex experience through a lifelong career that traversed the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, a large multi-state law firm, and independent practice; she has navigated complex matters and cases involving discrimination, employment, civil rights, constitutional, contract, corporate, business, and governmental, among others.
A recipient of eighteen prestigious awards, including Legal Intelligencer’s Women of the Year Award (2014), Best Lawyers in America (2017–21), and Lawyer of the Year (2020); she has continually demonstrated her impressive range of expertise and litigation abilities, consistently resolving a wide range of matters, and expertly navigating state and federal courts. Further, she has demonstrated exceptional abilities in administrative and regulatory matters involving federal and state agencies; as well as impressive experience in pubic and private legal matters, contracts, solicitations, compliance, and other related matters.