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Executive Profile
TSERA Special Police Command Staff - Brent Beckwith, Deputy Chief and Death and Homicide Specialist

B. E. Beckwith

Deputy Chief, TSERA Special Police

Beckwith is an investigative and national security specialist, and serves as the Deputy Chief of TSERA Special Police.


Drawing from a decorated background in the United States Army and nearly a decade of combined local and federal service, the journey of Deputy Chief Beckwith is underpinned by a dedication to leadership and a commitment to integrity. He draws from a wealth of experience spanning public service administration, emergency services, disaster management, investigations, and specialized global security. In addition to his undergraduate degree, he has completed a formal program in death and homicide investigations.
“My background has been defined by a multifarious approach, from operational forecasting to coordinating and leading high-stakes operations. The fusion of my diverse experience has resulted in a nuanced understanding that proves instrumental to increasing efficiency and efficacy. Leveraging my education and experience, I contribute to bolstering investigative prowess, and ensuring meticulous attention to detail and precision in all civil and criminal matters. I am grounded in a foundation of military discipline, leading by example, and championing innovation.”

Areas of Expertise