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Executive Profile
TSERA Special Police Command Staff - Edward Blake, Chief of the Agency and Community Policing Specialist

E. R. Blake

Executive Chief, TSERA Special Police

Blake is a Community Policing Specialist, and serves as the Executive Chief of TSERA Special Police.


With nearly two decades of comprehensive experience spanning local, state, federal, and corporate realms, Chief Blake embraces leading TSERA Special Police with a holistic approach to safety and security. His journey, enriched by diverse roles encompassing law enforcement, public safety, fire and rescue, emergency management, and community policing, has proven instrumental in shaping innovative strategies and results-oriented methods that transcend traditional policing and security-based boundaries.
“Through the years, I have defined and refined a range of initiatives, ranging from crime prevention and harm reduction, to pioneering novel service models. Leveraging a background that extends beyond the basics, I have successfully spearheaded diverse collaborative programs and P3 blueprints, intertwining community engagement and results-driven methods. I am committed to continuous learning and progressive leadership with an ethos of innovation, and I look forward to advancing our adaptability, capabilities, and advanced technology integration.”

Areas of Expertise