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Comprehensive Security Services

Tailored Solutions That Protect, Prevent, and Mitigate
Tailored Security Solutions For Modern Threats
Navigate Today’s Security Challenges
Explore our full range of specialized protective security services designed to meet the diverse needs of various markets and industries. From event security to critical infrastructure protection, discover how we can help protect your operations, safeguard your assets, mitigate threats, and reduce risk.
Each of our security solutions have been carefully crafted to address the unique challenges faced by different sectors, ensuring that no matter the complexity of needs, we have the expertise to handle it.
Our team of extensively trained and talented professionals are equipped with the latest technology and strategic insights to proactively manage any safety and security situation. By choosing us, you’re not just hiring a security guard company; you’re partnering with leaders in security and threat management who are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service, and ensuring peace of mind for our clients, partners, and stakeholders.
Local Business Security and Protection | Police, Security, Alarm Response, and Patrol Solutions for Local and Small Business by TSERA Special Police.
Safety & Security Services Tailored for Your Every Need

Modern Security & Protective Solutions

  • 24/7 Patrol & Response: Includes high visibility patrol by foot or vehicle; detection and response to reported or observed crimes, emergencies, and other incidents; and proactive interactions focused on incident prevention.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Surveillance: Includes the monitoring of alarms, systems monitoring, and camera network surveillance; and optionally the addition of temporary or supplemental equipment and systems, such as cameras, panic alarms, intrusion detection, and similar.

  • Access Management: Comprehensive entry screening of persons and vehicles, identity verification, weapons and substance detection, access control, and inspection of baggage and packages.

  • Emergency Services: Includes emergency and disaster planning, response, and support services; emergency warning and notification management; emergency medical care; firefighting and rescue; evacuation planning and execution; dangerous and hazardous materials response and management; and similar.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Support and management of internal and external audits, revision or creation of protocols and policies, and  compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Public Safety and Training: Development and administration of complete public safety programs; and organizational training for active shooter, insider threat, evacuations, workplace security, network security, and other specialized training.

  • Asset Protection: Focused on crime and theft prevention, asset security management, and internal/external threat mitigation.
  • Crisis Management: Including active shooter planning and response, emergency and disaster response, and continuity of operations solutions.

  • Protective Details: Includes intelligence solutions, executive protection, workplace violence, and hostile employee terminations.

  • Incident Response: Includes response and investigation of alarm activations, response to requests for service and reported incidents, dedicated on-site presence and safeguarding during alarm outages and malfunctions, and crime intervention solutions.

  • Security Consulting: Including matters of insider threats, counterfeiting, espionage, threat and vulnerability assessments, safety and security assessments, and protocol development.

  • Event Security: Comprehensive security for all special event needs, including access and crowd control, patrols, and VIP protection.

  • Secure Transport Services: Cash pickup, valuables transfers, security escorts of persons and property, and special security solutions for contract commercial carriers.


Protecting What Matters Most
From courthouse security to critical infrastructure protection, commercial property security and threat management to parks and conservation patrol, we have the expertise and capability to safeguard your operations.
Browse By Market Segment Below
Critical Infrastructure Security

Critical Infrastructure Security

Tailored threat mitigation and defensive security services protect designated vital facilities and systems across critical sectors such as energy, water, and communications.
Petrochemical Security and Protection

Petrochemical Security & Protection

Robust security solutions provide protection, prevention, mitigation, and defensive measures for oil and gas operators, staff, facilities, and infrastructure.
Dangerous Goods Manufacturing Security

Dangerous Goods Security

Specialized safety and security solutions, access and inventory management, surveillance, and incident support for manufacturers of dangerous materials and goods.
Munitions Production Plant Security

Munitions Production Security

Tailored protection and security solutions for munitions manufacturing facilities, with a focus on incident prevention, response, access control, and surveillance.
Chemical Production Facility Security

Chemical Production Security

SRMA compliant enhanced safety and security solutions for chemical production facilities, which focus on threat prevention, risk management, and incident response.
Critical Manufacturing Security

Critical Manufacturing Security

Tailored safety and security services and strategies focus on incident prevention and risk mitigation, designed for manufacturing sectors critical to national interest.
Government Sector Security Services

Government Sector Security

Total security, safety, emergency, and disaster services and management for government owned or occupied buildings, spaces, properties, and assets.
Parks and Conservation Security

Parks & Conservation Security

Custom safety, security, and custodial management for parks, wildlife areas, and conservation projects focusing on the safety of visitors and staff and protecting resources.
Residential Housing Safety and Security Services

Residential Security & Safety

Expert public safety and security solutions which reduce risk and enhance safety; tailored for communities, homeowners associations, condominium complexes, and apartment buildings.
Residential Community and Recreational Security

Community & Recreational Security

Enhancing the safety of recreational areas, community centers, and co-op lands through tailored planning, integrated security, public safety operations, and positive public interaction.

Cultural and Tourism Security

Museums, Monuments, and Tourism: Protecting cultural sites and tourist attractions against losses and risks from crime, terror, and disaster, through specialized safety and security measures.
Security for Faith Based Organizations

Faith Based Organization Security

Tailored security and intelligence services for places of worship, religious communities, and other faith based entities, balancing sensitivity and optics with safety and security needs.
Downtown Improvement District Business Security Patrol

Improvement District Public Security

Custom security and public safety solutions account for public perception, and are tailored for the needs of business, downtown, merchant, and local improvement districts and associations.
Security for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organization Security

Safety and security solutions and support which allow community charities and nonprofit organizations to focus on their mission, without compromising on their safety and security needs.
Transportation Sector Security Services

Transportation Sector Security

Comprehensive safety, security, access, compliance, and revenue management solutions for public transportation systems and scenic operators, including bus, rail, maritime, and air.
Product Transportation and Logistics Security and Protection

Product Transit & Logistics Security

Comprehensive security, defense, and surveillance for logistics networks, including trucking and shipping companies, ensuring the integrity and safety of goods in transit.
Commercial Residential Multi-Use Property Security and Public Safety

Multi-Use Development Security

Comprehensive public safety and security strategies for shopping developments and retail centers, integrating surveillance, patrol, on-site safety and security, and emergency response.
Protection and Security of Commercial Property

Commercial Property Security

Security and risk management solutions tailored for property management companies and commercial properties increase security and safety, reduce risk, and improve continuity.
Mixed-Use Property Safety and Security Services

Mixed-Use Property Safety & Security

Comprehensive public safety, security, patrol, and surveillance for properties that blend residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, ensuring safety across diverse environments.
Local Business Security and Protection

Local Business Security

Cost-effective safety and security solutions provide alarm and incident response, business checks, patrol, camera monitoring, and increased protection for small businesses and local retailers.
Merchant and Retail Security Services

Merchant and Retail Security

Asset protection and security solutions for shopping centers and developments, retail stores, and merchant locations which are customer friendly, enhance safety, prevent loss, and reduce risk.
Travel and Hospitality Security

Travel and Hospitality Security

Custom safety and security solutions for hotels, resorts, recreational facilities, campgrounds, rest stops, travel centers, and truck stops, ensuring guest safety and property protection.
Media and Production Security and Consulting

Media and Production Security

Specialty safety and security solutions for media and news outlets, production companies, and production sets; ensuring safety, security, and access control without distraction or disruption.
Amusement and Entertainment Security

Amusement & Entertainment Security

Customized safety and security services for public attractions, amusement parks, performing arts, sports, racing, family games and entertainment, and similar locations and venues.
Financial Organization Security

Financial Organization Security

Advanced technical and physical protective security measures for banks, financial institutions, cash in transit, skill game and ATM operators; protecting against loss, crime, and fraud.
Enterprise and Corporate Security

Enterprise & Corporate Security

Advanced security services and threat management solutions for corporate environments and enterprises, including risk assessments, executive protection, and crisis management.
Health and Medical Center Security

Health and Medical Center Security

Dedicated safety and security solutions which are robust and compliant, ensure the safety and security of patients and staff, and maintain the integrity of medical and treatment facility operations.
Food and Agriculture Security

Agriculture and Food Security

Security, surveillance, patrol, and protective services tailored for agricultural, farming, and food production facilities, defend against crime, terror, sabotage, protest, and trespass.