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Washington, DC

TSERA Special Police — Washington, DC

The anticipation is building in the heart of our nation! TSERA Special Police is proud to announce that we are finalizing the last steps needed to begin serving Washington, DC. With plans to open our operations headquarters and two field offices in the coming months, we are fully committed to making a positive impact from day one, and transforming the landscape of protective security services in our nations capital. We hope you will join us in getting ready to experience a higher standard of capability and professionalism that you—the residents, visitors, communities, and institutions of DC truly deserve.

Our Vision for DC
TSERA Special Police envisions a brighter and safer future for Washington, DC. Our goal is far beyond providing security and special police services — we aim to earn our place as a valued and trusted neighborhood partner by fostering a safe and thriving community. With the majority of current service providers failing to meet the mark, we are stepping in to raise the bar and deliver the impactful security and public safety solutions that the capital’s prestige demands.


A Preview Of What's To Come

As we finalize our preparations to open our doors, here’s a glimpse of the services we will offer across Washington, DC.
    • Comprehensive Security Assessments  Tailored evaluations for businesses, faith based organizations, nonprofits, and property managers to develop a threat profile, identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and enhance overall life-safety and security measures.
    • Local Association Partnerships  Comprehensive all-in-one public safety solutions, designed and custom tailored to meet the precise needs of the numerous associations throughout DC.
    • Personal Protection Services  Comprehensive protection, logistics, transportation, and ancillary support for executives and high-profile individuals requiring discreet and capable personal security solutions.
    • Residential Public Safety Services  Our carefully designed programs are performed by experienced and specialized Community Policing Specialists, who deliver complete and all-encompassing solutions for apartment, housing, and residential communities of all types. Our custom programs go beyond basics: delivering police and security services, patrols, judicial support, plus emergency medical care, firefighting, rescue, evacuations, ongoing safety assessments, monitoring of safety and security systems, and much more.

Our Commitment To Community

Our mission in Washington, DC extends beyond traditional policing and security services. We are fully dedicated to building deep and lasting relationships with the community through the following steps.

    • Engagement Programs  Collaborating with local faith-based organizations, nonprofits, community aid offices, DC government offices, and existing partners and relationships to support community improvement and public safety initiatives.

    • Education and Training  Offering workshops and seminars to empower residents and businesses with knowledge and tools protection and self-defense.

    • Support for Local Causes  Actively participating in and sponsoring events that contribute to the welfare and betterment of the DC communities.

Stay Updated As We Prepare To Begin

As we count down to our arrival to DC, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Here’s how you can stay connected with us and get involved!
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Get in Touch With Us

Are you interested in learning more about our upcoming operations in Washington, DC? Do you have future public safety or security needs? Please reach out to us, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you!

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